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Castle Rock's 'My Local Is...' campaign is back for 2020. Tell us what your local pub means to you, use #MyLocalIs, and help us protect the Great British Pub.


We love pubs. We couldn’t do what we do without loving them.


Pubs are fertile ground for social networks to form and take root. They are both formal and informal meeting places. Pubs combat loneliness. They encourage interaction. They host quiz nights, and open mic nights, and movie nights and tasting nights. But they also encourage solitude, if that is what you’re there for.



A pub can provide a hub for the community to gather and do great work. In fact, pubs have been saved directly by their communities.

They’re also a place to make memories. People make lifelong friendships in pubs. People fall in love in pubs. Heck, people get married in pubs.


Pubs are also vital contributors to our local economies. Not only do they provide jobs, but they provide services which people pay for.

They are much more than just a boozer.

Yet still, pubs continue to be under threat. Every new year, pubs face a difficult winter of poor trading. Campaigns like Dry January, combined with dreary weather and new year resolutions, mean pubs, people and the economy struggle. It can take months for a pub to recover from a quiet January. In some cases, they are never able to recover at all.



Once again, we are asking you to help us protect pubs this January.

We want to know what your local is to you. What does it give you, what does it bring to your life? Let’s remind everyone why the Great British Pub is worth protecting. Tell us below what your local pub means to you.

Use #mylocalis on social media and help raise the conversation. Encourage your own community to do the same.

Tell us what your local means to you and you could win a £50 gift card, which can be used to enjoy food, drinks, and more, at our participating pubs. You’ll also win 2 free tickets to our Yard Party in May 2020.*


* Please note, you must include a phone number or email address if you would like to be entered into the prize draw, so we are able to contact you if you win. This information will remain private and is for the purpose of the My Local Is 2020 campaign only.

The competition closes at midnight on 14th February 2020. 

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