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An exciting tie up between Castle Rock and Totally Brewed has been agreed, with the Newshouse now acting as the Totally Brewed brewery tap.

The new brewery tap based at the Newshouse is due to launch on October 1st and will feature four or five Totally Brewed cask ales on tap, alongside a bottle shop and tasting bar which opens this week.

Rob Witt, founder of Totally Brewed first started brewing his own beer at home and launched the brewery with money made from renovating houses. Mr Witt described the plans as “very exciting”, adding “it’s a whole different ball game running a pub from a brewery but it will raise the profile of our brewery. I was approached by the Newshouse about the option and it was perfect timing because we were looking into it”.

The landlord of the Newshouse Colin Sinclair, who has been in charge of the Newshouse for four years, said: “We’re offering him a brewery tap facility. He will have all his beer selection on, and we will re-theme that side of the bar for him. We see this as a step forward for everyone. This has been a traditional community boozer but things have to move forward and a lot of the more successful new pubs are being revamped around new products and forward thinking”.

This tie of up local brewers is great for Nottingham’s brewing scene and is likely to help bring more cask ale to customers as well as increase diversity. Castle Rock’s managing director Colin Wilde said “We have grown from being a very small brewery ourselves and we know how difficult it can be. We are using our skills and passion for beer and it makes perfect sense to have a tie up with people who we get on with to support them. They (Totally Brewed beers) are very distinctive and we have been purchasing quite a few for our pubs since their first brew. We see it as great for the brewing sector to make sure we’re te friendly big brother of Nottingham”.

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