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A novel approach to cutting ‘beer miles’ has been developed by Castle Rock Brewery in a new style ale exchange deal between them in Nottingham, and Fuller, Smith & Turner in London. Starting in late April, southern real ale fans have had more opportunities to enjoy the northern Preservation Fine Ale as East Midlanders see London Pride at more free trade and Castle Rock pubs in their neighbourhood.


Colin Wilde, Castle Rock’s commercial director, says two full brews of Preservation have already been dispatched.  “Any business, no matter what line they are in, has to control transport costs to keep prices down for the customer’s benefit.  Under this scheme, which we believe to be well worth developing fully, we collect all the Fullers casks in the area, and fill them with our beer.  Their dray comes to us with a full load of their ale and returns fully laden with ours.

“It’s a win win situation, if you like.   All it takes is a bit of forward planning and the benefits are huge as we no longer have to pay for staff and fuel costs to cart loads of fresh air up and down the motorway.”

Simon Robertson-Macleod, Fuller’s national account controller, says. “We’re delighted to be working with Castle Rock Brewery on this innovative scheme.  The brewing process is itself already very environmentally friendly and we’re pleased to be working towards a reduced carbon footprint in other areas of our business.”

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